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This blog is update daily since 6 september 2008, with more than
1,270 original photos posts...

Art direction
Pierpaolo Balani
This blog is run for personal pleasure!
Interactive website
Art project 2005

Concept and Realization
Pierpaolo Balani
DON'T CLICK art project was made by Pierpaolo Balani,
Website is a social project based on answers and questions, user generated.

Concept and Art direction
Pierpaolo Balani is a project made by Pierpaolo Balani, support and development made by Riccardo Pietrosanti and The Dusk.
Free Downloads
This page is a free stylish place where downloads design!

Run by
Pierpaolo Balani
Enjoy free downloads! yo!
Website 2007 personal portfolio
version 2007

Art direction and Animation
Pierpaolo Balani was made by Pierpaolo Balani.

Website 2005 personal portfolio
version 2005

Made by
Pierpaolo Balani