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Pierpaolo Balani, Italian Native digital, Multimedia Art Director. He graduates in Cinema and TV, with a focus on digital graphics. He moves to London where he attends a Master Degree of Digital Interactive. He comes back to Italy to work as an Art director for TV spots and organizes his own exibitions of cassic as well as interactive works. Afterwards, he cooperates for the start-up of Arsenale23, being the crossmedia soul of the company and developng projects with no technological limits. As a director, he creates numerous TV spots and wins different awards such as the NIUMEDIA award, SPREMIO '08 with Rai Nuovitalenti (Newtalents) and "Special Mention" at Berlin International film festival where he presented a viral video. Interactivity new media as well as Interactivity web expert he created various online projects that received prestigious web awards.